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    Includes all six episodes of MY FIGHTING SEASON.

  • Episode 101 “Hunting Ghosts”

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    Young, untested 82nd Airborne Paratroopers follow their combat proven leaders as they storm the Taliban’s “Playground” and take the fight to the enemy. Ghazni Province, Afghanistan 2012. (TRT: 53:11)

  • Episode 102 “Brothers In Arms”

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    Two rescue stories depicting the brotherhood of men under fire. One story follows a MEDEVAC crew landing in a minefield to retrieve causalities; the other centers on a friendship forged in combat. (TRT: 50:06)

  • Episode 103 “The Charkh Tank”

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    An Infantry squad fights for their lives in the deadly Charkh Valley as they attempt to push the Taliban out of the area and make it safe for the locals…some of whom may be helping the Taliban. (TRT: 57:00)

  • Episode 104 “Bond of Brothers”

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    A fearless combat medic fights to win the loyalty of his Infantry Platoon, but ends up needing their medical care in order to survive a rocket propelled grenade attack in the deadly Tangi Valley. (TRT: 53:32)

  • Episode 105 “Deadly Force”

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    In the wild west of Afghanistan, young Soldiers fight to maintain their lives and honor against a cruel and lawless enemy who will stop at nothing to destroy them and anyone that gets in the way. (TRT: 51:44)

  • Episode 106 “The Warrior Ethos”

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    Two stories that get inside the warrior’s mentality: a Soldier fights for survival after stepping on an IED; Paratroopers explore Afghanistan’s mysterious and deadly karez tunnel system. (TRT: 50:52)

  • The Fighting Season (Original air dates May 19, 2015 - June 16, 2015)

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    In March of 2014, as America was in the midst of the war in Afghanistan, the Taliban increased the frequency of their attacks in an attempt to prevent the Afghan people from voting and derail the historic 2014 Afghan presidential elections. Season Pass includes all six episodes of The Fighting Se...